One Dream

Naturally focused hair care, created by Kelly V, vegan hairdresser and founder of Pixal-Rose Hair Design. Each ingredient is selected for it's health benefits to the hair and scalp or for the function of the product. No unnecessary additives or chemicals

One Guinea Pig Named Jim

 Jim was the life love of Kelly V. He always had an awesome mane of hair which was believed to be down to his diet. 

What better way to celebrate his life and to keep his name alive but to create a brand in his honour using ingredients inspired from his favourite flavours such as Carrots!!!

One Product

When beginning her career in hairdressing, Kelly found it difficult to find a hairwax which did not contain beeswax (or other animal ingredients), that were also cruelty free and in a good price range. 

This is where the journey began, creating a formula for a hairwax which has heatlth benefits for the hair, which works well and is completely vegan!

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