Let's talk about plastic waste for a second (and then we'll tell you about the eco-shampoo).......

So, about a year ago, I began working on a campaign and a product to actively make lives easier for the festival goer, people who love camping & travelling and also those who thrive to reduce waste in the bathroom. My campaign related directly to festival waste and I was so excited to have the product launched ready for festival season 2020. Well, thank you so much COVID because you really ruined that didn't ya?? Despite talking myself out of launching this range and my wonderful 'JUST ADD WATER' products I've decided 'TO HELL WITH IT' this range needs to be recognised for the positive impact it will have and whatever, festival or not, I've been using the eco-shampoo and conditioner loads and my hair feels GREAT! Before I tell you more, I want to let you in on a very interesting fact I learned today............. Did you know, that in 2019, of all the waste which was recycled at festivals, only 3% of that was plastics - In fact plastic was bottom of the list of recycled material (fact check courtesy of agreenerfestival.com). Which got me to thinking, a large percentage of that is probably down to the use of plastic cups we drink all of that beer out of (that we drop on the floor when we're in the middle of a mosh-pit and don't want to take it to a recycling point) but what else are we bringing in? I know when I travel, I take a whole lotta cosmetics all packaged in convenient travel sized plastic packaging and once I've finished with those cosmetics, I have to bring them home with me (taking up my space for souvenirs), but I'm aware that not everybody does the same, with some packaging lucky if it makes it to the general waste bin. My point is, we should be thinking more consciously when we're travelling and enjoying festivals because it's not just about the plastic packaging we're bringing in which ends it's life in a landfill site, but also the chemicals which pollute the rivers, streams, water systems and flora & fauna. All the beautiful stuff that our wildlife relies on to thrive and survive.

It's not all bad. There are so many green initiatives and a lot of conscious minded people who do their bit to reduce the impact of human life on the environment and at Fluffy-Jim's we're excited to be able to offer our solution with a single use eco-shampoo and conditioner........... Fluffy Jim's eco-shampoo and conditioner is an easy to transport product which literally requires the addition of H2o when in the shower or bath, to create a beautiful foaming action that cleanses the hair. This should be followed by our beautiful oil and butter -based conditioner which leaves the hair soft and shiny. These cubes are PLASTIC FREE and SPILLAGE FREE!!! Great for the bathroom and the backpack. They're also largely derived from natural materials so much better for you, your hair and the water systems! The eco-shampoo shampoo will come in three wonderful formulas: Soya & Grapeseed formula, Sunflower formula and Lemongrass formula, which should be followed up with our amazing sunflower and shea-butter eco-conditioner. These will be available to buy in 'backpack size' (with the amount of washes chosen by you, dependent on how many nights you're chilling away) 'Naked' (no packaging option, should you have a suitable option sat in your cupboard which can keep our product air tight and dry) or 'tinned' . This is the product we've all been waiting for. Genuinely, it's taken blood sweat and tears and I'm excited to show it to all of you......... in just a few weeks!!!

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