Two steps forward, one step back!! But we have had some positives!

Well, I thought by now I'd be writing to update you that our packaging had arrived from America, we'd be selling the dry shampoo and have the beard butter ready to launch. Sadly, that's not case which is ok because there's a solution to every problem. As with many things, in this lockdown, a lot of processes have slowed down which is perfectly understandable. We A new batch of hair mud will be available this week and the dry shampoo will be available as a refill, meaning you can decant it into whatever shaker container you like. This is a fun way to re-use any old salt and pepper shakers and there's even a neat way to use old make up brushes too (watch out for the videos on our socials). The brand is still very much driving forward despite the setbacks. This has always been a massive dream and I just love making products for you guys. In other news, Fluffy-Jim's Hair Care was asked to be a part of a very exciting project from Greener Beauty Greener Beauty have produced an eco-friendly and vegan advent calendar and one of the days features our very own signature hair mud!!! Not only that, this advent calendar has been billed as number 2 on the Vegan Food and Living best beauty advent calendars for 2020. Check out the article here. Onwards and upwards!!! We'll be back in touch with updates again very soon.

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