We're evolving and we are EXCITED

Starting a hair care company was never going to be easy but if there's one thing I've learned about myself, it's how much determination I have and how much I LOVE being creative. My previous blogs have mentioned how this pandemic has put many stumbling blocks in my way but that finally seems to be easing and we can really get this show on the road. So what's new? Well, there's the whipped beard butter which is the perfect in-between solution for those who aren't too keen on balms and find oils too, well oily!! The beard butter is available with or without a Fluffy Jim's branded beard comb to really help keep those facial locks in superb condition. The beard butter is enriched with hair loving oils such as carrot, avocado and sunflower to promote growth, shine and softness (and it smells amazing too)!!

The dry shampoo!!! It's READY TO GO. Funny story about this one too - You may remember that I mentioned trouble with getting the cardboard shaker tubes. I ordered a bunch of tubes from America which couldn't get here because or trouble with customs and COVID. With that, my friend and I ordered a large stock from China, 1000 tubes from China to be exact. Well, these tubes disappeared into the deep abyss as our 30 day guaranteed delivery turned in 60 days (with noone able to tell us their whereabouts) and so on......... Luckily, I was able to locate a new supplier from Ireland and ordered a box full of tubes to be delivered the same week. Imagine my joy when these tubes arrived on the day they said they would.............. then imagine my surprise when on the very same day, the tubes also arrive from China!!! I now own a LOT of cardboard shaker tubes, so I had better get selling!!

De-hydrated shampoo and conditioner cubes. These have been in development for nearly a year and they are going to ROCK YOUR WORLD!! These cubes are the ultimate eco-friendly solution for your hair washing regime and just absolutely PERFECT for you humans who like to wander. More on that to follow......... Lip Healing Cola Balm. It's not hair care (which leads me onto my next point) but it's been a life-saver for me. Working as a hairdresser during the pandemic (when allowed of course) has thrown many challenges in my direction. Wearing facemasks constantly is not the greatest, but we get used to it. I also developed the upmost of respect for all those working stressful jobs during this time with heavy amounts of PPE. Our country owes you BIG TIME. I actually developed this lipbalm for myself to start with because my lips were really suffering. As a kid I used to get coldsores so badly, I'd have to take days off of school. Eventually, I grew out of them and haven't had coldsores for as long as I can remember, however, mask wearing has triggered them to somehow come back and I found my lips were generally sore a lot of the time. After a bit of research, I read that rosehip is a natural skin healer and tried it out in a lip balm recipe. After a bit of tweaking, I felt it was a great little product to help me and the girls in the salon and well, basically, I'm gonna sell it too (certificates pending). Re-branding! Well, not so much re-branding, but evolving. These lockdowns create idle hands for hairdressers who enjoy being creative and I've found myself experimenting with eyeshadows, highlighters and sparkly lip-balms. The name and the ethos will remain the same, however the branding will be changing slightly so watch this space..............

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