We're ready to go (again) with natural vegan hair care!

Gosh! What a year! It was about a year ago that Fluffy Jim's Hair Care officially launched with our signature Hair Mud. The dream was to produce naturally focused hair care that really works... and that's what we're doing. As I, Kelly V, write this blog, I look back on the craziness of the previous 12 months and admire how the dream has gone from, well, exactly that, a dream to putting products on shelves (and websites). As our second product (texturizing dry shampoo) is so close to launching, we are excited to write to you let you know that things are moving forward once again at Fluffy Jim's HQ.

So why has it taken so long? Well, quite simply, all products are designed, from scratch and lovingly hand made using carefully selected ingredients. As the lead creator (I can't think what else to call myself), along with getting a busy vegan hair salon back off the ground, my time has been pulled in a lot of different directions, especially taking into account we're in the middle of a pandemic. What timing eh!!! Well anyway, the point is, a fresh batch of hair mud is making it's way back onto shelves and the online shop should (all fingers crossed) be up and running in the very near future. We'll also have the texturizing dry shampoo ready to launch in just a few days. Such an exciting time for us really. We are super excited. So what do you need to know about the dry shampoo?

The first thing to note is that it's a completely natural product. There's no preservatives or chemicals in there. It's sustainably packaged and designed to be refilled which makes it perfect for a waste free lifestyle. Also, it's smells AMAZING!!! Bet you can't wait to get your hands on it! Well, keep an eye on the website (and your inboxes - if you're subscribed to the website) and be the first to grab this brand new awesome product. In the meantime, stay safe, stay ethical, stay you!! Peace and Love. Team FJ

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