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Although all of our products are suitable for everyday use, here at Fluffy Jim's we want to change the way we use travel cosmetics by developing a range which is single use with a difference. Our eco-shampoos and conditioners are single-use cosmetics which are around 80% naturally derived. This means no more mini plastic travel bottles and no more having to carry excess containers to and from the showers. 

Our dry shampoo is packaged in cardboard shaker tubes which will also help on the 'in-between' days meaning you can keep greasy roots at bay for longer!

Lets change the way we travel

Did you know that in 2019 A Greener Festival reported that out of the products that were recycled only 3% were plastics! 

This means that out of 100 items that were recycled only 3 items were plastic. 

Based on national collection rates of recyclable material, only 10% plastic actually gets recycled and even less of that (roughly 4%) gets recycled in the UK the rest is taken overseas! 

So what can we do to reduce the plastic we use? 

- Take our own shampoos/conditioners and body wash with us when we go on holiday. Avoid using the minis that hotels provide.

- Reuse plastic when we can. Rather than throwing out plastic bottles and takeaway food containers reuse them for carrying round your lunch/ a water bottle for the gym/ as plant pots and watering cans in your garden. Be creative!

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