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Lets change the way we travel

Although all of our products are suitable for everyday use, here at Fluffy Jim's we want to change the way we use travel cosmetics by developing a range which is single use with a difference. Our eco-shampoos and conditioners are single-use cosmetics which are around 80% naturally derived. This means no more mini plastic travel bottles and no more having to carry excess containers to and from the showers. 

Our dry shampoo is packaged in cardboard shaker tubes which will also help on the 'in-between' days meaning you can keep greasy roots at bay for longer!

We donate 5% of profits to animal justice project

We are unapologetically Vegan because we care about the animals! Animal exploitation is sadly still very real and we want to 'do our bit' to help those fighting to give a voice to those who need help. This is why we help The Animal Justice Project with their work by donating 5% of profits to their cause.